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Smart solutions make a difference!


Smart Production Smart Energy Consumption

increase renewable energy and reduce cost reduce emission and reduce cost

= =

good for the planet good for the planet

and for your operational cost and for your operational cost

SCADA+ enabler for Smart production

SCADA+ ™ is an independent solution for operation and follow up of your entire Plant(s) - improve your production and reduce maintenance cost by smarter operation.

Benefits and added value

  • One interface – easy to use

  • Increased awareness – reduced risk

  • Cost efficient - reduced life cycle cost

  • Enriched information – increased insight

SCADA+ EMS enabler Smart Energy Consumption

With EMS (Energy Management System) you can optimal your power consumption – reduce emission and reduce cost.

Benefits and added value

  • Optimal energy management

  • Reduce fuel consumption

  • Cost efficient

  • Enriched information – increased insight

Origo Solutions are committed to sustainability through safety, environmental and asset integrity.

What we deliver:

  • Engineering – Identify opportunities and solutions

Study and Specifications | Life Cycle Information and Completion Services | Field Instrumentation Engineering and Advisory | Fabrication | Workshop and Testing | Service and Maintenance | Troubleshooting | Remote and 24/7 Support

  • Solutions – Fit for purpose

Fire and gas systems | Control and automation (SCADA) | Shut down systems


  • Products – Specialist supplier for fire and gas detection (Honeywell Authorized Distributor)

Oil & Gas (On & Offshore) – Petrochemical Marine| Wastewater treatment

Steel & Aluminium production | Recycling

Origo Solutions is your trusted partner for safety, automation and data management

We have more than 40 years of experience and we have more than 50 highly qualified and experienced automation engineers to provide in-depth knowledge.

  • Partnership: More than 20 years presence at several sites in close partnership with our customers

  • High Integrity: Our safety solutions protect more than 8 500 km of natural gas pipelines in and out of Norway

  • Flexible: All 1250 system deliveries with a non-proprietary setup to maximize customers flexibility

  • Innovative: Continuously seeking opportunities and best practise for our customers.

Origo Solutions is a specialist integrator within safety and automation, and we are located in Kristiansand (HQ), Arendal and Stavanger. (Shared locations in Glasgow and Aberdeen)


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