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Score A/S a part of Score Group Plc has been operating Valve Services Contracts within the Norwegian sector continually for more than 25 years out of Norway. We are the preferred valve service provider on the Norwegian continental shelf by obtaining quality valve experts and always contribute to have extensive valve know how by continuously educating our personnel.

Our vision are to Provide Seamless Valve Asset Management and Integrity Solutions for our Clients supported by our Intelligent Valve Management™

On the Stavanger Energy Conference, we will have introduction to Score’s new Emissions

Elimination Program

Score Group have designed and developed a market-leading emissions elimination programme to help you on your journey towards zero leaks and emissions on valves.

Emissions Elimination Program will show you how to connect to your future operating state of not just marginally reduced emissions, but more a step-change to the lowest possible emissions, with the added benefits of being a safer, more sustainable, and more profitable operating company.

We assist companies to realise their environmental and sustainability targets, identify major cost saving opportunities and increased performance output across their facilities.

We are the first choice for emission reduction services globally, delivering value and maximising opportunity for improvement for our customers.

Our on-site servicing capabilities, including our unique suite of temporary and permanent repair solutions allow us to keep leaking gas in the line, quickly reducing environmental and financial losses. We design and manage bespoke emission reduction campaigns, combining multi-disciplined field engineers and technical engineering support to help maintain the integrity of your asset.

L.D.A.R (Leak Detection & Repair)

L.D.A.R or 'Leak Detection & Repair' programs identify unintended or fugitive emissions from equipment in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Chemical facilities.

Many VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and other dangerous gases exist on these facilities that are extremely detrimental to the health and wellbeing of personnel both in the facility and in nearby populated areas. These leakages damage the environment and result in equipment downtime and product losses.

We design and manage emission LDAR campaigns globally. Detecting and quantifying these leakages requires multiple (specialist) equipment and multi-disciplined operator.

To maximize investment and create gains we set targets:

Methane Reduction

Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, second only to carbon dioxide in its overall contribution to climate change. 25% of man-made global warming is caused by methane emissions. Safety incidents (including fatalities) happen globally and exposure to methane and other VOC gases causes health effects even at low concentrations.

We combine specialist detection and measurement equipment with multi-skilled operators to find and quantify methane emissions, adopting a holistic approach covering losses through flaring, venting, drains and fugitive emissions.

We identify all environmental losses and prioritise repair by applying criteria to leaks under the reportable levels. This allows us to plan and undertake repair work scopes in a timely manner.

Losses through Flare & Venting

Through valve leakages to flare is the largest contributor to global warming in the energy sector, they are a major source of plant emissions and find their way to atmosphere via flares, vents, and drains.

Valves designed to sit in the “normally closed position” to isolate process fluids (such as pressure safety, process, and export valves) have the potential to leak at any specific time. There are hundreds on every facility pointing and they should be monitored periodically for leakage.

We developed the MIDAS Meter® an instrument capable of surveying these valves quickly and non-invasively to identify, quantify and monitor leakages would otherwise be impossible to detect.

Compressed Air Loss

Leaks are a significant source of wasted energy in a compressed air system. Not only are they a safety issue, they increase energy consumption and equipment running costs, as well as causing unnecessary carbon emissions and compromising reliability.

CO2 leakage to atmosphere (from compressed air systems) are also damaging to both the health and safety of personnel and the environment.

We provide compressed air leak surveys, detecting and quantifying leakages across a compressed air system, significantly reducing an assets carbon footprint, reducing electricity and maintenance costs while enhancing equipment performance.

Optical Gas Imaging

Optical gas imaging cameras have revolutionised the energy industry. Fugitive gas emissions can be detected and traced to source while maintaining safety inside hazardous locations. This allows companies to reduce their environmental footprint, realise major cost savings and maximise production at their facilities.

Statistics show us that assets who own OGI cameras may not be finding their leaks early enough to prevent them escalating to shut down.

We offer dedicated support for assets who own optical gas imaging cameras and utilise them as part of their normal routines, as well as professional support through periodic asset surveys to detect and quantify fugitive emissions.

About Score Group:

A specialist in valves, fuel systems & accessories and component manufacture, we provide complex engineering solutions to support customers in multiple markets including Defence, Nuclear, Aerospace, Utilities and Energy. With facilities in over thirty locations spanning five continents, we employ more than 1,800 staff including 350 apprentices.

Now in our fifth decade, Score Group services have expanded to include engineering design, repair & modification, supply, testing, diagnostics and specialist coatings. Our multi-disciplined craftspeople and mobile workshops are in continual high demand to deliver onsite services including machining, mechanical joint integrity, shutdown management, testing and repair.

We are proud to provide our customers with a fast service, whether it is a supply from our stock of over $200m of valves, actuators and turbine parts or whether it is the overhaul and test of an existing critical valve, we know how important it is for customers to minimise downtime and improve operating efficiency.

How can we help you today?

· Reduce process operating costs

· Digitise operations

· Manage assets more effectively

· Reduce emissions

· Improve process reliability and uptime

· Source valves and associated equipment

· Engineering support

· Repair existing assets in situ

· Assist with industrial gas turbine


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