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Hendrik Veder Group

Hendrik Veder Group provides products and services in the field of steel wire ropes and synthetic rope, which play an important part in the offshore and maritime industries around the world. It also offers all-in-one solutions and services in many other industries. Hendrik Veder Group’s ambition is to make the maritime and offshore sector more sustainable. We work alongside our forward-thinking clients to achieve sustainability through innovation. The result is new, cost-effective solutions based on inventory management, maintenance and a circular approach to raw materials.

Hendrik Veder Group is a European company, operating worldwide from its locations in the Netherlands, England, Scotland, France, Norway and Poland. It is headquartered at the Port of Rotterdam.

Hendrik Veder Group has grown to become a leading company in the field of lifting and hoisting equipment, with a centuries-old tradition of quality, craftsmanship and innovation. For nearly 500 years, we have always worked alongside our customers to find the most effective ways of using equipment.

The latest example is our new Asset Management concept, which significantly streamlines processes while also introducing a circular approach to handling equipment. This concept lowers our clients’ costs and boosts their sustainability credentials. We achieve this by optimally reusing equipment, managing inventories efficiently and recycling materials that are no longer usable.

Here's how it works: after a project is completed, the experts at Hendrik Veder Group take inventory of all hoisting equipment on hand. They inspect, refurbish, test, approve and make a record of all equipment. At Hendrik Veder Group, we add value for our partners by building long-term partnerships and sharing our expertise in the field of cable management. This helps our partners to reach their sustainability targets in the most cost-efficient ways.

We lower costs even further by ensuring that valuable equipment can be safely and efficiently reused. This greatly reduces the need to purchase new equipment. Additionally, cables and other hoisting equipment that have reached the end of their lifespan are a highly valuable raw material. Hendrik Veder Group lets our clients maintain control over these materials so they never have to pay twice for the same material. This results in further cost reductions and is a proven method for raising an organisation’s sustainability profile, which gives them a competitive advantage during tendering processes.

Since 1545, our company has been working side by side with its seafaring partners. We continue on our mission today to help our clients operate more sustainably and cost-effectively.

Long-term partnerships help organisations lower their costs and operate more sustainably.


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